Not sure where to go in your future career? Unclear about your next steps? Can’t work out which CIPD qualification to go for? Want some additional support to help you with your studies or to develop your career?

When you request a diagnostic call we will try to help you work out your options so that you can decide what’s best for you. Sometimes there may be a number of different routes open to you. The choice you make will depend on your current role, past experience, future goals, personal situation, academic background and often a combination of all of these.

It may be beneficial for you to have a coaching session with one of our career specialists before making a decision.

A coaching session can help you to:

  • Determine your career goals
  • Evaluate your experience in terms of those goals
  • Identify gaps in your skills, knowledge and experience
  • Confirm which options you have
  • Talk through any concerns before you make a choice
  • Help you to decide the best way forward for you
  • Extra support with your studies
  • Coaching and mentoring support to achieve your career goals

Book an initial one hour session – or ongoing support – with one of our experienced coaches.

Email to arrange your first session.