CIPD Level 7 – Advanced Qualifications

The CIPD Level 7 qualifications are the Advanced level qualifications from the CIPD.  You can choose a Certificate or a Diploma from either the HR or Learning & Development path.  You can even now work towards gaining full CIPD membership by achieving an Award at a time.

The CIPD Level 7 Diploma in HR Management consists of 8 modules and should take around 2 years to complete.  4 of the modules are ‘core’ ones you have to do – 2 exams, 1 management report and 1 self development.  The other 4 modules are optional and can be chosen from the full range offered by the CIPD.  This means you can choose subjects that will help you in your career or just ones that you have already got some experience in – it’s your choice as long as you work within the’s CIPD rules.

Because AheadHR’s CIPD Level 7 programmes work on a one to one basis we can offer more flexibility than some of the other providers.  Your coach/assessor will help you to work out which are the best modules for you to choose and which order to do them in.

If you find the Diploma too much of a commitment, then you can choose the CIPD Level 7 Certificate.  You only need to achieve 4 modules from the full CIPD range to achieve this qualification.

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