What style of study suits you?

Are you a classroom kind of person? Or do you prefer to manage your own time round your family and work commitments? There are loads of different options out there – from pure online, to classroom, to blended, to mixed mode.

Many people we speak to haven’t heard of mixed mode. It’s what we specialise in, with over 20 years experience working closely with the CIPD to deliver successful programmes to hundreds of learners. It’s a great way to demonstrate your competence in HR or L&D. You will work with your personal coach-assessor to demonstrate that you meet the CIPD’s criteria to gain your qualification. You will use work based evidence to show what you’ve done in your recent HR or L&D role and use this experience to develop and build on your knowledge with real practical hands-on learning that you can use back in the workplace. You’ll do lots of online research and write up a short assignment for each topic until you reach the number of credits you need for your qualification. Your coach will steer you and assess your work as you progress. You will have regular sessions with your coach to plan your work and assess you on each topic.

We often speak to experience HR or L&D professionals who don’t meet the criteria for the CIPD’s Experience Assessment route to membership. They would like to gain a CIPD qualification, to show off what they know, boost their skills and knowledge and add to their CV so they can develop their career in HR or L&D. If this sounds like you then it’s well worth looking at our mixed mode qualifications. Many of our learners have worked in the industry for years and feel this is the next natural step for them.

If you’re committed to your programme and happy to manage your time effectively then you can start any time and work at your own pace as long as you finish before your learning contract runs out. If you’d like to find out more, speak to one of our friendly advisors today.

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