New report highlights employee engagement issues

How good is your organisation’s employee engagement?  According to a new report out this week from Gallup, only one in ten are engaged at work. The report found that only 11 per cent of UK employees feel engaged at work, while a fifth – a whopping 21% – are actively disengaged. When looking at Western Europe, just 10 per cent of workers were engaged, compared to 33 per cent in the US.

Gallup’s findings concluded that although the current economic and political climate in Western Europe is not helping matters right now, management practices in the US are helping to impact these better results.

The report also states that UK businesses need to do more to address the needs of mlllennials, both as customers and employees. It claims that those organisations that get this right are likely to be the ones who succeed over the next 20 years.  It is certainly true that changes in employees’ expectations and technology are moving at a very fast pace and employee engagement is getting more and more complex than it was.

What are you doing to improve employee engagement in your organisation?

To read the report on the CIPD’s People Management site click here.