Every employer should increase number of workers aged over 50 by 12% by 2022

The UK Government is urging employers to recruit 1 million more workers over the age of 50 by 2022.  Andy Briggs, CEO of Aviva Life and the government’s business champion for older workers just announced that every UK employer should increase the number of workers aged 50-69 in their workforce by 12 per cent before 2022, as a way of helping address the skills gap, tackle age bias in the workplace and enable older people to work for longer.

With an ageing workforce the UK is already facing skills shortage.  In addition the implications of Brexit may reduce the pool of available talent.  Employers should be acting now to plan to recruit more older people to help them work for longer and this is one way to help tackle this skills shortage.   Many companies are already addressing this skills shortage but the problem is likely to impact more in some sectors than others.

What can your organisation do to help reduce the impact of skills shortages?

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