Mental Health Awareness Week


 Mental health

The latest figures  on key areas of mental health issues in the workplace show a continuing need for businesses & organisations to promote employee well-being.  According to a new report by the CIPD in partnership with Simply Health:

  • 37% of organisations report that stress-related absence has increased.
  • 55% say that reported common mental health conditions have increased (41% in 2016)
  • 51% are increasing awareness of mental health issues across the workforce compared with 31% in 2016

Read the full report here 

Recent high profile campaigns do however seem to be working in terms of raising awareness and starting to remove the stigma surrounding mental health.  There will continue to be a need to raise awareness but improvements are evident with positive steps being made including:

  • Two-fifths of employers have a standalone well-being strategy.
  • 55% say well-being is on the agenda of senior leaders.
  • Almost half report that line managers are bought into the importance of well-being.