Significant opportunities for HR identified in the latest CIPD findings

Shifting business priorities create significant opportunities for HR according to the latest CIPD findings. The leading professional body for HR says that innovation has now officially become a top business strategy. Which means HR needs to think creatively and adapt its ways of working. Cost management, talent management and boosting productivity are still the top current priorities for business leaders. But for the first time, innovation is now a leading business priority for many HR leaders. Most organisations know that they need to find ever new ways of working and operating to remain competitive. What is the best way to do that? And how does HR fit into the picture? The CIPD recommends that HR needs to look at ways in which it can innovate itself in order to stay relevant and more visibly demonstrate its enabling role as the workplace evolves. Click here to read the full CIPD survey

As an HR professional you need to continually consider how you can help your organisation to remain competitive. Does your HR strategy align with your business objectives? How will you deliver that strategy? Do you understand what is needed and how to achieve the business goals? These are questions that we find many of our CIPD qualification candidates are challenged with answering.

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