Great Support Throughout Your Programme

Want to get your CIPD qualification?  Because all our CIPD qualification programmes are run on a one to one basis, you will plan your personalised schedule with your coach/tutor to suit your needs. Some people like to have more support and others enjoy working very independently. Whatever way, you’ll probably meet up every couple of months, depending on the speed you want to work at. In between, you’ll have support at the end of an email and be able to organise phone calls to help you make progress if you do get stuck. There are many online resources available to help you with your studies and achieve your CIPD qualification and other candidates can also be a great source of support.

Our candidates tell us that they feel very well supported because their coach/assessor isn’t trying to deal with hundreds of other classmates like some of their colleagues who are on college/university programmes. We’ll leave you to decide on that – you will need to work more a bit more independently than if you turn up to college every week but that suits many of our candidates. And because our programmes are based on your work experience, whether you are new to HR or have many years’ in the industry, you will be building on your existing knowledge as you learn, with your coach/assessor guiding you each step of the way to achieve your CIPD qualification.

During your CIPD qualification programme, your Knowledge will grow and our team’s knowledge of the industry will help you to achieve the most out of your qualification programme.  Read more

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