About Us

The AheadHR Team


Peter Sell and Heather Jones, lead the AheadHR Team and are responsible for delivering all our CIPD Qualifications, and will work with your personal coach/advisor and the rest of the AheadHR Team as you work towards your qualification.  We have a team of experienced coaches and assessors based around the country.  You can get in touch with any of us through the Newbury Head Office on 0800 228 9360 or 01635 885151 or contact us.

All our coach/advisors who deliver the programme are CIPD Members and HR practitioners with appropriate business and academic experience. They are all experienced in the modules that they cover.  We also have module experts who work with us to share learning, develop programme materials and implement continuous improvements. As licensed CIPD advisors and tutors everyone must have an up to date CPD record and plan, and be occupationally competent and approved by the Institute.

Once you’ve registered for your programme, we will match you up with a coach/advisor in your region.  Your coach will work with you to guide you through your programme and will be supported by the rest of the AheadHR Team as appropriate at different stages of your CIPD qualification.

Our aim is to help you to develop your career in AheadHR and we have been working with the CIPD for many years to ensure that we deliver our programmes in the best possible way.