Workers rights in the headlines

Workers rights in the headlines

From unpaid trial shifts, Minimum wage rate to Gender Pay gap Reporting

Workers rights and equality are forefront in HR news at the moment

Here is what you need to know:

Mp’s are proposing a bill to ban unpaid trial shifts,
if the bill is passed Businesses will have to either pay candidates for Trail shifts or  find an alternative to Trail shifts in their recruitment processes

Minimum wage rates set to increase

From 1 April 2018:
Workers aged 25 and over: £7.83 an hour (National Living Wage)
Workers aged 21 and over: £7.38 an hour
Development rate for workers aged 18-20: £5.90 an hour
Young workers rate for workers aged 16-17: £4.20 an hour
Apprentice rate: £3.70 an hour

Gender Pay Gap

Organisations with 250+ employees must publish
and report specific figures about their gender pay gap
to date with only 2 weeks until the deadline only 2 thirds of firms have reported their figures with a staggering 80% of those reporting so far have admitted they are paying men on average more than women it will be interesting to see the final results once all firms have reported