An External Perspective For You and Your Organisation

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Our coach / assessors offer an external perspective whilst you work towards your CIPD qualification which benefits you and your organisation.  Our team’s experience has been gained through many years’ experience across a wide range of organisations.  Some of our coach/assessors have worked in academic environments, but mainly we are all business people who work in HR who are CIPD qualified.  Between us we have worked in organisations – small, medium and large – in a variety of sectors,  and in the private, public and charity sectors.

We know what it’s like and can lend another perspective to you in your career and for your organisation. We’ll guide you to learn to gain a new perspective through your CIPD qualification programme.   You’ll learn to evaluate the options available to you, understand the theory, compare your own experience to what other organisations are doing in HR and propose cost effective solutions that work.  Your organisation wins and so do you – as you develop your HR knowledge and work towards achieving your career goals and become CIPD qualified.

We’ll help you to Progress quickly according to your needs and we have an extremely high success rate with our candidates.  We’ve helped many HR professionals to achieve their CIPD qualifications and develop their careers in HR.  Read more

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