Why Choose AheadHR?

Get your CIPD Qualification

CIPD Approved Centre - Gain Knowledge to Develop your Career in HR or L&D

Our CIPD qualification programmes at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels mean that we can help you gain your CIPD qualification at the level that is right for you, in a flexible way that can suit your individual needs.  As one of the leading CIPD qualification providers in the UK, we are approved by the CIPD as an ‘Awarded’ centre which means the CIPD trust us to deliver outstanding programmes for our candidates.

Our programmes offer:

  • Flexibility – a personalised programme to suit your work, lifestyle and career goals  Read more
  • Support – one to one support with the backup of a network of experienced coaches/tutors  Read more
  • Knowledge – over 25 years’ knowledge to call on to help you to build your own knowledge  Read more
  • Perspective – a different perspective to guide you through your programme as you develop your HR career Read more
  • Progress – as one of the largest CIPD training centres, we’ll help to ensure you make great progress Read more

Our one-to-one approach means that we spend time planning and tailoring our approach to the programme to suit work and other demands on you. This robust planning at the outset enables us to coach you through the requirements of each module so that you can deliver assignments and work based evidence in a timely way to demonstrate learning outcomes and meet the assessment criteria. This is a very cost effective method of gaining a CIPD qualification, because, like the previous PAC programme, you decide the timescale (which has to be agreed with your coach), and the modules can be completed reasonably speedily if you have the time available.

We can help you to achieve your CIPD qualification at all three levels, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced as follows:

  • Foundation (Level 3) – Diplomas, Certificates and Awards in both HR and L&D Practice
  • Intermediate (Level 5) – Diplomas, Certificates and Awards in both HR Management and HR Development
  • Advanced (Level 7) – Diplomas, Certificates and Awards in both HR Management and HR Development

So there’s something in our range for you, whatever your experience.

Contact us now for more information or call 0800 228 9360 to book a FREE diagnostic call with one of our coaches.