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Are you ready to find out more about how to develop your career in HR?   Book a FREE call with one of our friendly team so we can help you to choose your CIPD qualification.  You can request your call using the form below or book a call slot here.  We will contact you to explore your goals, experience and how we could help you.

There is no obligation so you have nothing to lose. We can’t sign you onto a programme without this call and it is a great way to find out which CIPD qualification might be best for you.  Are you trying to get your employer to sponsor you?  We are very happy to give you some tips on the benefits to your business so you can explain to your organisation that CIPD qualifiications are worth the investment.  If you want to develop your people career and are interested in achieving a CIPD qualification, then book your call now.

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We’d love to chat with you to explore what’s best for you.  We’ll explain how the CIPD qualifications work and how we deliver our programmes.  You can book your call here or email us to arrange.

It is often helpful if we have a copy of your CV before we speak.  However we are very happy to explore your options on your CIPD call.  If you don’t have a CV to hand or prefer not to share with us till you know us better that’s fine.

We can generally offer you a place based on a phone call which gives you more time to get your CV sent over to us.

If your CV is out of date please don’t worry – a simple paragraph, LinkedIn profile, job description or similar will often suffice.  We are not judging you on the quality of your CV.  We just want to check what we think might work best for you so this is useful to support our conversation.

If you would like to you may send a copy of your CV to us at

Want to find out more about the CIPD and how to develop your HR career?  You can visit

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