Funding your CIPD Qualification

There a number of ways of funding your CIPD qualification depending on your needs and more than one may be an option for you. Here’s a few ideas:

Self Funding

If you can’t or don’t want to get your organisation to help with funding your CIPD qualification but are keen to go ahead and progress your career in HR or L&D, then you have a number of options to consider.

If you don’t have the money to pay yourself then there are a number of loan options out there. You can choose from interest free loans, a payment plan or ask your organisation to pay for your course and then repay them back over an agreed period. You may also be able to apply for a bursary with us to get your training at a lower rate to help you to get started. Ask us on your diagnostic call and we can usually agree any payment arrangements with you then.

Employer Funding

If your organisation are funding your CIPD qualification that’s great! Many employers will fund CIPD training because of the value it can bring to their business. You will know your own organisation’s priorities best – how could funding your CIPD qualification help your employer’s business to grow, improve, retain talent, save money – or whatever is their key business priority? We can often help you with tips and tricks for your proposal if you would like some support on that. Book a diagnostic call to discuss in more detail.

  • What’s your company’s policy on training?
  • Is there a timetable or cutoff for the financial year?
  • Has the training budget been used as planned?
  • What are your options for your CIPD qualification?
  • Consider the cost – eg taught, online, competence assessed?
  • What works for you best?
  • What will give your employer the best results?
  • What will help you to develop your career?
  • Can you get some time ‘off’ to study?
  • How much time will you need out of the office?
  • Can you gain the evidence you need to demonstrate your competence?
  • Does the style of study enable you to work on live projects?
  • Will those projects help your organisation?
  • Could you do your job more effectively?
  • Can you cover all the CIPD topics you would like to?
  • What other factors could help you access funding help?
  • A more expensive course but less time out of the office?
  • Or a taught classroom style of programme?

There are many options for funding your CIPD qualification. What would your employer and you prefer? Book your diagnostic call to discuss how AheadHr could help you to achieve your CIPD qualification.

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